About Us

The company Lekidoo was founded by my twin brother Don and me Kim in 2022. We produce our perfumes entirely ourselves and are also responsible for shipping, the online shop and marketing. We both make all decisions in the company ourselves. The selection of fragrances is small but fine. Our philosophy can best be described with the words "high-quality products at affordable prices". We attach great importance to the quality of our fragrance creations. In the future, we naturally want to produce even more or new fragrances so that you have more choice.

Corporate vision

Our goal is to revolutionize the world of designer perfumes. We believe that high-quality fragrances don't always have to be expensive. That's why we produce long-lasting fragrances at a fair price. This way, everyone can enjoy high-quality perfumes. As mentioned above, we want to produce more fragrances or new fragrances in the future so that you have more choice. Another goal we have set ourselves is to market our perfumes to car dealerships and retail stores so that you can test the smells on site.

Naxia car perfume fresh

Promise value

At Lekidoo we guarantee you a long-lasting and high-quality perfume. We offer fast and free shipping so that you receive your perfume as quickly as possible. Our customer service is always available to answer your questions and help you choose the right perfume.