Five New Designer Car Perfumes

Fünf Neue Designer-Autoparfüms

New fragrances for your car

We are excited to introduce you to our latest designer car perfumes! We have five new fragrances for you that are sure to delight any vehicle lover. Each fragrance has been carefully created to provide a unique scent experience.

Erba Forte: The fruity-woody scent for a refreshing atmosphere in the car!

Our first fragrance, Erba Forte, has a fruity and woody note. This blend of different aromas gives your car a refreshing yet warm atmosphere.

Wild Cherry: The perfect scent balance for a pleasant ride!

The second scent, Wild Cherry, is a combination of floral, woody and earthy notes. This blend creates a perfect balance between sweet and earthy aromas that make for a pleasant ride.

Naxos Breeze: Unique fragrance for comfortable car rides!

Our third fragrance, Naxos Breeze, is a delicious blend of sweet, spicy, creamy and citrus notes. This unique blend creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in your car.

Red Rouge: Exotic scent for your car!

The fourth fragrance, Baccarat Réglisse, has a floral and oriental note. This blend is a combination of different floral and spicy notes that will give your car an exotic flair.

Ombre de Nuit: Intense fragrance for masculine car rides!

Last but not least we have Ombre de Nuit, which has a woody, smoky, oriental, leathery and spicy note. This combination is perfect for those who prefer a more intense and masculine fragrance.

Long-lasting fragrance moments

All of our car perfumes are of the highest quality and ensure a long-lasting fragrance experience in your car. We at Lekidoo are proud to be able to offer you these exclusive designer fragrances.

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